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July 10, 2020

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Skrill and Neteller deposits to Bet365 are back

Bet365 enables deposits with the most popular ewallets for India and Bangladesh markets.

Skrill and Neteller deposits to Bet365 are back

Skrill and Neteller account holders in India and Bangladesh can place their bets at bet365. The news is a positive surprise for all punters that appreciate the advantages of ewallets for sports betting.

Bet365 is now accepting Skrill and NETELLER deposits.

NEW Skrill and NETELLER accounts from India and Bangladesh can deposit at bet365 if they have completed identity verification via webcam. Skrill and Neteller have made changes to their verification process end of March 2020.

Both ewallets, Skrill and Neteller, introduced verification with a webcam. If you want to verify a new Skrill or Neteller account, you will have to allow direct access to your webcam.

During the webcam session, users take 3 photos:

  • Frontside of your ID document
  • Backside of your ID document
  • Photo of your profile (face verification)

For further step-by-step-instruction on how to verify Skrill and Neteller account, we have made short video tutorials.

What about existing Skrill and Neteller accounts?

Skrill and Neteller accounts need to be fully verified with a webcam. If you opened an account before Skrill Neteller introduced webcam verification, you would need to complete additional verification.

Already verified Skrill accounts (without webcam), should go to Settings > Verification section > Additional Verification. There you can start additional verification. However, this feature is available only on the web.

For Neteller, a solution to additionally verify accounts is not in place yet. We expect this to happen in the next weeks, so we will keep you updated. If you are an affiliate at Paynura, this will be sent in our newsletter and notifications. Make sure you have subscribed.

Skrill NETELLER affiliates in India and Bangladesh, bet365 is back!

Why did bet365 revoke Skrill and Neteller in 2019?

It started last year in October when Bet365 excluded Skrill and Neteller from deposit options in the UK. Skrill and Neteller users were shocked that the once-reliable service has discontinued, and the gambling provider did not provide open reasons for its decision. Cutting off the UK was only the beginning; restrictions were implemented in the majority of countries with Skrill/Neteller Service.

According to Brad Allen at EGR: "Bet365 has turned off Skrill and Neteller as payment methods in the UK amid issues with bonus abusers… Bet365 declined to comment on the exact reasons."

Although no official explanation was issued, the gaming community's most common reason was the high number of bonus abuses carried out through Skrill and Neteller accounts.

The optimal Skrill and Neteller affiliate program

Paynura is the most advanced program for Skrill and Neteller, regarding detailed tracking, customer support, and reliable payment system.

The Paynura support team has more than a decade of experience in sports betting and online deposits. Working with the betting community around the world, we can support affiliates in all emerging markets.

With Paynura, you can open an affiliate account, create Skrill and Neteller tracking links. 

Our support team can help you with advice and provide benefits for your customers, such as instant VIP statuses and lower fees.

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