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March 16, 2021

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Top 5 affiliate strategies for promoting Partypoker

If you want to earn poker affiliate commissions by promoting Partypoker, here are 5 successful strategies.

Top 5 affiliate strategies for promoting Partypoker

Partypoker is recognised as one of the most popular online poker sites. Thousands of poker players play on the platform every day. Because of the brand reputation, almost everyone knows it, so Partypoker is very convenient to promote.

New players are coming to online poker rooms daily, and this is your chance to direct them to one of the greatest poker sites out there and get paid for that. Read on to find out how. 

Why is Partypoker one of the most popular online poker sites

If you haven’t played on Partypoker yet, we should first crack why Partypoker is so popular among poker players. 

Partypoker is an independent poker site, which means they are not part of any network. They are based in Malta, and the software is available mainly to European poker players and they recently re-entered the US market, and are going only to expand as poker becomes regulated in the States. 

Both professional and recreational poker players will find the software very appealing. Partypoker is a traditional poker site, as it is one of the oldest poker sites around. With rapidly changing trends, they are continuously improving and modernising. Partypoker has one of the most legit and professional customer services. If they don’t compromise their services and reputation, Partypoker will remain a leader in the poker industry for years to come. 

Basically, these are the main reasons why Partypoker is one of the best opportunities for poker affiliates to start promoting right now.

#1 Spread the word about Partypoker to your poker colleagues

If you play poker for a while now, you may have some fellow players, which don’t play on the Partypoker platform yet. 

Tell your players about the benefits of playing poker on the site: 

  • Various games from cash gaming to tournaments,
  • Regular and quality promotions,
  • Lucrative tournaments prize pools each month,
  • Platform available in several languages,
  • Top user-friendly,
  • Mac compatible.

Partypoker has made several improvements and innovations to protect recreational players via their recreational model: 

  • Players can view their hand history within the software but can no longer download it to their devices.
  • Players waiting for cash games join the wide-room waiting list and are randomly seated, when a preferred seat is available.
  • Cash game players see the names of their opponents once their first hand is dealt.

This makes attracting new players to Partypoker much easier. 

Professional players will find higher rates per hour, and at the same time, recreational players won’t lose their money so fast. 

Partypoker is attractive to poker players of all backgrounds and motives, which is a tremendous advantage for poker affiliates promoting Partypoker.

#2 Make educational videos about the Partypoker platform on Youtube

If you are looking for a fast way to attract new referrals to Partypoker, making video content is definitely the fastest lane. For example, you can create educational videos on how some functions and features work on the Partypoker platform. If you make valuable and instructive videos, this will come in handy for new players and attract them to play on the site. DWstevie PokerYoutube channel is an excellent example of making educational videos about a specific poker site. Besides other videos, he made a video, “How to set up the info at the bottom of your partypoker table.” Here is the video: 

This video is an excellent example of creating your Youtube video content about the Partypoker platform. If you promote Partypoker with your affiliate link, it’s best to insert it at the top of the video description, so viewers can click on it after watching your videos. This way, you will generate affiliate commissions and make passive income from the players you’ll bring on the site.

#3 Stream your Party gameplay on Twitch

If you’re ready to go in front of the camera, be unique and fun, comment on your game, and improve it by time, Twitch is the right platform for you to start! JeffGrossPoker is a professional poker player, poker streamer, a Partypoker ambassador, a Youtube content creator, commentator, and coach. He produced very high-quality poker content, so he inspired me to say a few words about him.

Gross poker winnings go somewhere around $5 million, so it’s no wonder he has almost 80k followers on his Twitch channel. He is excellent in live and online poker games, and mainly he streams PLO or NLHE tournaments. People love his streams as he explains the tactics and strategies of the play in great detail. He has a well-developed poker business, so no wonder that he partners with many poker affiliate programs. And this brings him a nice passive income every month. 

If you want to get access to exclusive poker affiliate deals, you can open an affiliate account at Paynura. Paynura is an iGaming affiliate network, that enables affiliates to manage all promotions from one account. 

#4 Promote Skrill and Neteller as deposit methods for poker players

Poker affiliates have an excellent opportunity to promote Skrill and Neteller digital wallets, which are the most often used deposit methods on the Partypoker site and other poker sites. Every poker player needs a reliable digital wallet to transfer and withdraw money to and from platforms.

Digital wallets ensure you easily and quickly move your money from platform to platform. Money can be transfer also between fellow players. And all your banking data stays in one place instead of a lot of sites around the internet. Check all the advantages of Skrill and Neteller as deposit methods in poker and start promoting them along with Partypoker.

If you are in the poker business, it is also an excellent opportunity to become an ewallet affiliate, as you can pair your poker and digital wallets offers. And you can get your affiliate links all in one place.

#5 Join Paynura’s Partypoker affiliate program

Regardless of what your Partypoker promotional strategy looks like, you need to register with one of the Partypoker affiliate programs to get your unique Partypoker affiliate link.

Once you are a registered affiliate, you can generate your unique Partypoker affiliate link to start your promotions. If you need any help on your affiliate journey, Paynura’s supportis there for you 24/7.

Conclusion - get into promoting Partypoker today!

Poker affiliates, promoting well-established poker brands have a much easier task, than those trying to push small unknown poker rooms. Partypoker is a realible, dynamic poker platform with a global reeach. As an affiliate at Paynura,you have all the tools to promote Partypoker in one account. From affiliate links, subaffiliate options to reporting and payments.

All you need is one accountfor all poker brands and ewallets you want to promote. 

For more ideas about promoting poker brands, follow Paynura’s news.

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