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Nov. 7, 2020

They call me double M! I love to play poker and write about it. I've been a staff writer on Paynura since 2019.

The GUTS affiliate program at Paynura

Paynura offers poker and casino affiliates the highest revenue share and cashback deals, now also for GUTS.

The GUTS affiliate program at Paynura

In this article, we introduce you to the GUTS affiliate program at Paynura - You will learn how to set up an affiliate account and the basic strategies for organic reach with content about GUTS. 

If you are already an affiliate or thinking of starting an affiliate journey, Paynura has all aspects covered. From signing up to an affiliate management platform, choosing between poker, sportsbook, and casino offers, to performance overview, affiliate support, and of course, commission payments.

Why Guts? 

GUTS has been around since 2013 and made a name for itself in the world of casino, poker, even sportsbook. In 2020, GUTS is one of the most recognizable casino brands. Players have a broad selection of games, instant play, excellent customer support, and reliable gaming account, providing quick pay-in and payouts.

Why Paynura? 

Paynura is an affiliate network for the gaming community. We support affiliates, big and small, with:

  • state of the art affiliate management system, backed by Backend Architects 
  • exclusive offers for poker, casino, sportsbook, and ewallet brands, Skrill and Neteller 
  • transparent tracking and reporting
  • intuitive navigation
  • marketing tools 
  • reliable payments, not only once a month, but whenever affiliates initiate payment

Guts affiliate offer

About GUTS affiliate program by Paynura

Paynura offers affiliates a competitive advantage. Our deals are genuinely exclusive so that our affiliates can make higher revenue than their competitors. We also make sure, that our members have access to additional benefits.

You can start promoting GUTS in a few steps:

  • open a Paynura account
  • Go to offers and select GUTS
  • Request the GUTS affiliate deal 
  • Promote via your GUTS affiliate link
  • Track your performance daily

A quick guide to a successful affiliate strategy

Casino and poker affiliates usually provide lengthy casino reviews. Reviews are an excellent way of improving organic reach. However, it is not always great for conversion. Let’s take a closer look. 

When looking for a casino, users will want to read a review. That’s clear. However, it is hard to reach a good position on Google with reviews only. We find that truly successful are those affiliates, who try to give more personal accounts of their GUTS experience. Here is how your organic reach strategy should look like: 

GUTS review

Overall assessment of the casino, fundamental data, regulatory authority, games, deposit and payout options.

Player's journey

How to start at GUTS, from creating an account, depositing money, playing games to cashing out.

Total recall 

Give your audience the complete experience of a game on GUTS, every detail and compare the experience to your other favorites games on GUTS or other online casinos.


Hey, affiliate! Now you should be ready to roll! 

In this article, we gave you the essential information and direction on how to start your affiliate journey with GUTS.

First, we introduced you to the Paynura affiliate management platform - once you'll open an account, you will get a unique GUTS tracking link and marketing materials, track your tagged account, and make payouts of your GUTS commission.

Secondly, you already have a straightforward GUTS content strategy for your casino or poker website and useful suggestions for your blog or Youtube channel.

And that is all you need. Now, all is left to say:

Catch some big fish!

Don't be late to the party!

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