Skrill's loyalty program Knect offering gift cards

Skrill made changes to Knect T&C as it started offering gift cards in exchange for loyalty points. And what's in store for affiliates?

Kat Moon

Kat Moon

Nov. 13, 2020

Skrill's loyalty program Knect offering gift cards

Skrill regular users who have signed up for Knect can now redeem their points for gift cards. If you are collecting loyalty points, now you can go shopping!

Skrill has notified all customers in the Knect program that they have changed their terms and conditions.

How can Skrill customers collect points?

The Skrill loyalty program is very straightforward, but customers need to sign up for it. For every deposit, payment, or crypto purchase, Knect members receive loyalty points. Once they have reached 10,000 points, they can turn them into electronic money on your Skrill account, gift card, or vouchers from the Rewards catalog.

As the year is coming to an end, Skrill clients should bear in mind that they can redeem their points by the end of the next year. All Knect loyalty points gathered in 2020 can be turned into rewards by the end of December 2021.

Knect rewards loyal clients, and what about affiliates?

Skrill affiliates can get the goodies from the Skrill affiliate program provider. If you are an affiliate, you should make sure that you are with an official Skrill affiliate program provider because only those will have a direct communication line with Paysafe.

Paynura has an agreement with Paysafe to provide a Skrill and NETELLER affiliate program. With the deal comes a fair share of exclusive benefits for affiliates that sign up at Paynura and their clients.

Paynura affiliate program for Skrill and Neteller

Starting to promote Skrill and Neteller with Paynura is very easy and can be done in 2 minutes.

  • Once you register, you can request a Skrill or Neteller affiliate offer
  • Choose from ewallet, poker, casino, and sportsbook affiliate offers
  • Track performance daily
  • Request VIP upgrades for your tagged accounts
  • Get commission payment

Not a Skrill affiliate yet?

In that case, we need to explain the basics. An affiliate is a marketing associate of Skrill who gets financial rewards for bringing new customers to Skrill.

Affiliates get a revenue share deal from every deposit their friends make with a Skrill account to an online merchant.

Imagine you and your friends are playing poker. If you are an affiliate, then you send them your affiliate link for Skrill. They will click the link and open the Skrill website. They will open a Skrill account, deposit funds, and use the ewallet to deposit to a poker room.

As an affiliate, you will get a share of the deposit and every subsequent one.

How to promote Skrill and earn commission?

Affiliates create a Skrill affiliate link and share it with their friends, followers, or otherwise. The most important thing is to have a strong channel of relevant people for sharing promotions. You won't be making any commission if you share it with friends that don't play online, but if you have a circle of gamers, bingo! Every time they will make a deposit, you will get a revenue share income.

The most successful channels for Skrill promotion are:

  • gaming websites and blogs
  • poker forums and chatgroups
  • youtube and twitch channels

Do you have any of those? Great, then let's get started.

With Paynura, you will have access to gaming offers and Skrill Neteller ewallets. Besides, Paynura takes care of its members. You will have an affiliate support manager on stand by all the time, so don't hesitate to ask anything Skrill and affiliate marketing related.

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