All Skrill ewallet updates in 2020

Overview of all changes to Skrill Terms and Conditions, relevant markets, Skrill VIP program, Skrill fees, and affiliate program.

Kat Moon

Kat Moon

Oct. 15, 2020

All Skrill ewallet updates in 2020

Skrill is a Paysafe Group ewallet brand, equally popular among the gaming community and individual users. In 2020, we have seen many changes. Some are already in effect, others are stepping into force this November.

For Skrill users, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with terms and conditions as these affect scope of service and fees. To make it easier for Skrill users and Skrill affiliate partners, here is an overview of all changes in 2020

Skrill Verification in 2020

Beginning of 2020, Skrill introduced a new verification protocol. To use the Skrill account to its full potential, including receiving funds, customers have to verify their accounts.

In 2020, the Skrill verification procedure is fully automized and includes face verification with a webcam. This makes the verification smoother, but also safer for users.

We have made a video tutorial for new Skrill users that want to verify their accounts. The procedure is straightforward. Have your ID document ready, and you’ll be done in two minutes. For verification preview, watch our video.


Skrill Terms and Conditions 2020 - New Skrill Customer Levels

In November, Skrill will introduce new customer levels based on the verification level of their account.

  • Skriller - not verified accounts
  • Skriller Verified - fully verified account

For a Skriller Verified status, users need to make one or more deposits, go through the verification process, and download the Skrill app on their mobile. 

Skrill is motivating its users to have verified accounts. What is the benefit?

All Skriller Verified accounts will have free person to person money transfers.

The new customer levels step into effect on November 3, 2020.

The main market changes in 2020

The biggest service change in 2020 is the discontinuation of person to person money transfers in India and Bangladesh. As of October 14, 2020, Skrill customers in Bangladesh and India can no longer make P2P transfers from Skrill to Skrill account or from Skrill to Neteller. The limitation of personal money transfer services is affecting regular and VIP accounts alike. Skrill customers are able to make deposits and withdrawals with their bank accounts only.

For more detailed information, go to Skrill and Neteller Limit Services in India and Bangladesh. We have a detailed overview of Skrill and Neteller’s decisions.

Skrill VIP Program 2020

On November 3, 2020, Skrill will also make changes to the Skrill VIP program.

Current Skrill VIP Program

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond

New Skrill VIP Program

  • Silver, Gold, Diamond

But, what exactly is changing?

  • quarterly deposit requirements
  • simplified VIP levels
  • more benefits

All Skrill VIP customers will have no fees for P2P money transfers, free ATM withdrawals, and they will be able to send money t their bank account free of charge.


ATM fee

Bank withdrawal fee

P2P fee

FX rate

Buy/Sell Crypto


  • free
  • free
  • free
  • 2.89%
  • 1.5%


  • free
  • free
  • free
  • 2.59%
  • 1.5%


  • free
  • free
  • free
  • 1.99%
  • 1.5%


Skrill Fees in 2020

Skrill fees have been a major issue in 2020. Skrill has revised its Terms and COnditions several times. Therefore, service costs might differ based on when you signed you for the ewallet.

In general, these are the Skrill fees for deposits, withdrawals, and money transfers. 

DepositBank withdrawalVisa withdrawalInt. transferDomestic transferReceive
  • 1%
  • 5.50 EUR
  • 7.5%
  • free
  • > 2%
  • free

However, there are exceptions for Skrill accounts created in 2020.

Skrill to Skrill for customers registered after April 8, 2020
  • 1.45%, min. 0.50 EUR*

*The fee applies if customers funded their accounts via bank transfer or Card, otherwise, the fee is 4.49%. 

Skrill to Skrill for customers registered between March 18 and April 7, 2020
  • 1.45%, min. 0.50 EUR*

*The fee applies if customers have made deposits to their accounts with a bank transfer or card, otherwise, the first fee is 10% and for all subsequent transfers 2.99%. 

Skrill to Skrill for customers registered before March 18 
  • 1.45%, min. 0.50 EUR*

*The first transaction is charged a higher one-time fee of 20%, or min. EUR 30, if the deposit wasn't made via bank account or card. 

Skrill Affiliate Program in 2020

Regarding the Skrill Affiliate Program, there has been a reduction of official affiliate program partners. In 2020, Paysafe has been renewing contracts with companies that can offer the Skrill Affiliate Program. Paynura has renewed its partnership agreement with Paysafe and continues as an official Skrill affiliate program provider.

Paynura is an official provider of Skrill and Neteller affiliate deals. We compliment regular deals with exclusive benefits, fast track VIP options for Skrill and Neteller, customer support, and insight into poker, casino, sportsbook verticals.

All affiliates have access to an affiliate management system, where they can see their performance charts, deposits, revenue, commission, request payments, access marketing tools, and other affiliate offers.

If you are promoting Skrill or want to start promoting it on your website, forum, social media, or just to your close friends, opening an account with Paynura is always free.


Skrill has been introducing several changes regarding the verification process, fees, Skrill customer levels, Skrill VIP program, and partners for the affiliate program.

Hopefully, our summary of the 2020 Skrill changes helps navigate through hips of information about Skrill service.



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