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June 1, 2021

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Skrill Crypto Service trending higher

As more and more consumers trust in crypto, the crypto service brings new customers to Skrill ewallet

Skrill Crypto Service trending higher

During the past months, everyone was talking about cryptocurrencies and crypto markets. While many traders wished some people would talk less, common interest in crypto is higher than ever.

Let’s take a look into cryptocurrency from Skrill’s perspective.

Skrill Crypto Service at your service!

Skrill clients can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other stable coins within the Skrill wallet for two years already. Skrill has made it easy to convert fiat funds into crypto interests and equally easy to swap it back from crypto to fiat currency. With Skrill crypto service, Skrill customers can make the best out of their Skrill balance.

Crypto’s popularity on the rise

In a recent consumer survey, the main surprise was that consumers are no longer ignorant of cryptocurrencies.

  • 38% of respondents invested in or bought a cryptocurrency
  • 84% heard of at least one cryptocurrency

Which are the most known cryptocurrencies?

Now, here is a surprise! Before you continue reading, try to guess which are the most known coins?

  • Bitcoin (64%), no surprise really,
  • Bitcoin Cash (31% of consumers),
  • Ethereum (22%),
  • Litecoin (19%).

So these are also the coins consumers tend to invest or buy. The research was carried out in the UK, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Bulgaria. Around 20% said they either owned Bitcoin now or had done in the past. However, ownership of Bitcoin was much higher in the United States and in Bulgaria; 24% of responders in the US had a Bitcoin, and 36% in Bulgaria.

Ethereum Classic, Dash, and Stellar were recognized by more than 10% of respondents but owned by less than 5% of surveyees.

Chainlink, Tezos, Atom, EOS, OMG, Kyber Network, and 0x had much less recognition.

Not there yet on the knowledge front

Overall, consumers don’t have the necessary knowledge yet to make informed decisions.

  • 47% (strongly) agreed that they don’t know enough about crypto,
  • 38% considered crypto too risky for investment.

But at the same time, people have positive opinions about the future of cryptocurrencies.

  • 28% already believe that cryptocurrencies are a good investment for the future.

Consumers tend to know more about cryptocurrencies than ever before. Almost a third (29%) of respondents claimed to be more knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies than 12 months ago. In addition, 26% said they are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies today. It’s nice to see that consumer understanding appears to be trending higher.

How to buy cryptocurrency with Skrill? 

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies with Skrill, here are two straightforward video tutorials. In a nutshell, after login to your Skrill account, choose crypto service and the cryptocurrency you wish to buy. Making purchases within Skrill account is instant, so you don't need any advanced knowledge. 

It takes less than 2 minutes to buy Bitcoin with Skrill!

It takes less than 2 minutes to buy Ethereum with Skrill!

Crypto rather an investment than a payment method

People are still in the mist when it comes to the practical side of crypto. The survey showed that consumers don’t have a clear opinion on what makes cryptocurrency useful.

  • 27% consider crypto as the future of payments,
  • 26% referred to crypto as a good store of value,
  • 26% said digital coins are the future of banking.

Nonetheless, 17% of surveyed customers use crypto for anything other than investment.

  • 9% used crypto as a payment method in the past month,
  • 44% of people who paid with crypto said, this is their preferred payment method.

The most interesting is the future perspective. People, in general, are very optimistic (even the pessimistic ones), that cryptocurrencies will be the payment method of the future. Considering the negative perspective from two years ago, hearing that a quarter (23% of respondents) believe in the crypto takeover of payments is uplifting.

Future of crypto, a huge opportunity for Skrill

“We’re seeing that crypto is no longer a niche phenomenon, and our research provides further evidence of that, but there’s a significant opportunity to grow awareness about its potential for payments and transfers.”

Rossen Yordanov, Senior Vice President, Skrill and NETELLER, at Paysafe

Skrill is making investments into crypto easier, and doing so, is increasing trust in digital assets. Everyone with a Skrill account can directly invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular assets.

“Cryptocurrency adoption has rapidly increased to heights nobody could have imagined even two years ago.”


Seize the crypto moment and promote Skrill 

As more and more customers are looking for the opportunity to invest in crypto, but don't have any trading knowledge, they will be looking for straightforward solutions. Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets is extremely easy with Skrill. If you are promoting Skrill, seize the opportunity and educate potential Skrill clients about the crypto service. 

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