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Sept. 7, 2021

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Skrill Affiliate Program Explained

All you need to know about the Skrill affiliate program, becoming a Skrill affiliate, and where to get the best Skrill affiliate offers.

Skrill Affiliate Program Explained

Skrill is one of the most versatile ewallets on the market, especially for the iGaming sector. There is no replacement or equally rewarding alternative to Skrill. Poker players, casino players, sports betting fans, sports betting agents, tipsters, gamers, forex traders, and we could go on and on rely on Skrill's invaluable services. 

Skrill ewallet features 

Skrillis one of the leaders in online payments. Since its inception in 2001, Skrill has been improving the ewallet service, making it one of the most popular digital wallets for regular customers and gamers and gamblers. 

With Skrill, customers can send and receive money, buy and sell crypto, and even pay at the local store or online with the Skrill MasterCard. 

Let's look at the five most common reasons why Skrillis the number one ewallet worldwide. 

#1 Skrill money transfers 

With a Skrill account, customers can send money for free to any bank account in the world. That's right; Skrill does not charge any transfer fee when you send money to a bank account abroad. When sending money with Skrill, the currency exchange rates are reasonable and can even be lowered if you have a Skrill VIP account.

#2 Skrill crypto service

Cryptocurrencies are not just an abstract term or an investment opportunity for crypto savvy; they are already the real thing in the world of online payments, sports betting, poker, and gaming. 

With a Skrill account, Skrill clients can buy and sell almost 40 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the Skrill Crypto Service has all the handy features of a crypto exchange, including price charts, crypto market sentiment, instant buys, recurring buys, and conditional crypto purchases. 

Buying and selling crypto with fiat balance is straightforward, and Skrill customers do not need any prior crypto trading skills. The Skrill crypto interface is one of the most intuitive, reliable, and secure ways of diving into crypto.

Skrill clients can even send crypto (for now, only Ethereum) to other Skrill customers. 

#3 Skrill deposits for gaming, gambling, and trading 

It is not advisable to expose personal banking information online. Ewallets provide extra security and discretion online. Wherever Skrill customers move their move, it says between them and their ewallet. The transaction information - deposits to online platforms and back to Skrill - stays between the Skrill customer and Skrill.  

Skrill is an integrated deposit method in most gambling, gaming, and trading websites and merchants. Forex traders, poker players, and punters use Skrill to fund their gaming and trading accounts and to withdraw their winnings. 

Speed is another advantage of depositing money with Skrill because it is instant. You don't have to wait for your deposited amount to arrive at your gamin/trading account like with SEPA deposits from a bank account. 

#4 Skrill multi-currency accounts

Skrill enables money transfers in more than 40 different currencies. Once you select your currency, you will know which currencies are available for sending money with Skrill.

The money transfers are handled in various local currencies, but the money will arrive in the currency you select when at the beginning of the transaction. 

Skrill even offers multi-currency account, so Skrill clients can avoid paying currency exchanges rates when sending money abroad. 

#5 Skrill VIP program

For Skrill clients who use Skrill account for high volume transaction they can join the Skrill loyalty program. 

Skrill has two loyalty options:

With Skrill VIP status, clients lower their fees and money transfer costs, receive Skrill MasterCard for free, and pay lower fees for buying and selling crypto. 

Promote Skrill and earn money with Skrill 

Did you know that you can make money by promoting Skrill?

By promoting Skrill, you can earn commission from deposits your referrals make to online merchants like sportsbook sites, poker rooms, online casinos, forex trading platforms, and crypto exchange platforms. 

Sports betting agents promote Skrill to their clients because Skrill is the best option to make deposits to an online bookie. They invite their clients via the Skrill affiliate link and collect revenue share from each deposit their clients make. A betting tipster with 20 clients can receive 20 revenue shares from Skrill deposits for a single betting event.

Skrill Affiliate Program 

Here is all you need to know about the Skrill affiliate program and how to set yourself up as a Skrill affiliate. These are the most common questions people have about the Skrill affiliate program, so you can easily find what you need to know to set up a successful Skrill affiliate journey. 

#1 Where can I sign up as a Skrill affiliate? 

If you want to promote Skrill, you need to register as a Skrill affiliate.

The most straightforward way is to join an affiliate network,so you don't have to wait for affiliate approval by Paysafe affiliates. 


Once you open your account, request a Skrill affiliate link (tracking link) - this is the unique link that you can share on your website, Telegram group, forum, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, or any other channel. 


#2 Do I need a website if I want to promote Skrill? 

No, you don't need a website to promote Skrill. Most poker agents, sportsbook agents, forex instructors do not have a website, but they have strong communication channels. When registering as a Skrill affiliate with Paynura, you will not need to present a website. 

Use your strongest channels to promote Skrill via your unique Skrill affiliate link. 

#3 How much can I earn with the Skrill affiliate program?

Skrill does not limit affiliate earning or the number of referred accounts. With Paynura, you also won't have limits to monthly commission earnings.

The more you make, the better. It shows you have the right strategy to promote Skrill wallet. 

#4 What is the Revenue Share on Skrill? 

When people deposit with a Skrill wallet, revenue share is your share of Skrill's fee a merchant pays for the deposit. 

For example, bet365 accepts Skrill (in a few countries), and all deposits to bet365 are free for bet365 clients. However, bet365 has to pay a fee to Skrill for facilitating the deposit. Revenue share is calculated from the fee that bet365 pays to Skrill - and Skrill shares part of that fee with Skrill affiliates. 

Once you register to Paynura, you are able to negotiate your RevShare deal, based on your traffic. 

#5 How is Skrill Revenue Share calculated? 

For example, a 20% net revenue is calculated from Skrill's fee a merchant pays for a deposit from a Skrill account. iGaming operators and websites pay between 2.5% and up to 5% of the deposited amount to Skrill for facilitating the deposit. 

#6 If my Skrill referral deposits 1000 EUR to a poker site, what is my revenue share? 

If your Skrill referred client deposits 1,000 EUR to an online merchant (gambling, poker, casino, sports betting, forex) that has a 5% deal with Skrill, in this case, Skrill gets 50 EUR in net revenue. Skrill shares 20% of 50 EUR, so you receive 10 EUR.

#7 Where can I get information about my Skrill referrals and referrals' deposits with Skrill?

With Paynura,you have full access to detailed affiliate analytics, including reports on: 

  • number of Skrill referrals
  • Skrill referrals ID
  • deposited amount per referred Skrill account
  • revenue share per each deposit with Skrill 
  • your Skrill commission 

The system is fully transparent, allowing you to crosscheck the figures and always have a detailed overview of your Skrill commission earnings. 

#8 Can I get a Skrill VIP upgrade as a Skrill affiliate?

Yes, if you promote Skrill via Paynura, you can get an upgrade to Skrill VIP. Just ask the support team and they will assist you immediately. Skrill upgrades usually take up to 48 hours on workdays. 

#9 Can Skrill affiliates get more than 1 Skrill tracking link? 

With Paynura, you can have more than one Skrill tracking link. For example, you can create separate trackers if you want to use one Skrill affiliate link for sports betting clients and one for poker clients. 

#10 How do I receive Skrill commission as an affiliate?

Skrill commission is within your Paynura account, under Payments. Affiliates can cash out their available commission at any time to Skrill, Neteller accounts, or even to a Bitcoin or Tether account. 

Are you interested in working as a Skrill affiliate and promoting Skrill ewallet? 

With Paynura, you can set up your Skrill affiliate business within one working day. Paynura has been an official Paysafe partner since 2012, supporting Skrill NETELLER affiliates with dedicated support seven days a week and the most comprehensive detailed affiliate performance analytics available. 

Paynura affiliates can manage several affiliate offers from one account, including Skrill and Neteller promotions. As a member of Paynura, affiliates can create trackers for various affiliate offers, have a detailed overview of performance per brand, export reports, and manage their commission payments and cashout to Skrill, Neteller Bitcoin, or Tether/USDT account. 

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