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Dec. 14, 2021

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Promote Skrill As Affiliate in Colombia

Skrill is one of the best methods for money transfers and gambling in Columbia. Promote Skrill in Columbia and earn money as a Skrill affiliate

Promote Skrill As Affiliate in Colombia

Skrill is one of the most popular digital wallets in the world. LATAM market welcomes Skrill services as an alternative to bank accounts and the safest way for international money transfers. With the expansion of online gaming and gambling in Latin America and especially in Colombia, Skrill is fastly embraced by money makers and money movers in the country. Significantly, the poker and casino players, punters, sports betting agents, tipsters, gamers, forex traders trust, and value Skrill's services. 

Skrill digital wallet 

Skrill customers can send and receive money internationally and domestically, buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and up to 40 different coins. Skrill issues a MasterCard for local payments, which can be used for payments at local stores and money withdrawals at ATMs in Colombia and abroad. 


Here are the most obvious reasons why Skrill is popular in Colombia and worldwide. 

#1 Easy money transfers with Skrill  

Skrill clients can send money for free to any bank account globally. All international money transfers are free of charge if the Skrill account is verified. Sending money with Skrill from Colombia to anywhere in the world is free of charge, so no value is lost along the way. 

#2 Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Skrill

Skrill clients can buy and sell almost 40 cryptocurrencies and follow crypto markets directly from your phone with the Skrill app. Clients can send crypto to other Skrill customers or to an external crypto address with a Skrill account. 

#3 Support for gaming and gambling 

No one wants to expose banking information on a gambling platform, and no gambler wants his gambling revenue shown on his bank account. Skrill enables gamblers and gamers to keep personal banking safe and separate from their ewallet accounts. With Skrill, clients can deposit to gambling platforms and withdraw from their gambling accounts. All transactions are between the digital wallet and the gambler. In addition, Skrill enables swift deposits and withdrawals to gambling sites without any delays. 

#4 Skrill VIP program

Skrill offers a loyalty program for customers with frequent transactions. Skrill VIP status has many perks: free money transfers, lower withdrawal fees, free Skrill MasterCard, lower currency exchange fees, and lower crypto buy/sell fees. 

How to earn money with Skrill in Colombia?

Skrill is already an established product in Colombia. However, the potential is still unseized, and there are plenty of opportunities to promote Skrill, especially among poker players and punters in Colombia. 

If you have a gaming gambling site in Colombia, you should start promoting Skrill asap. Poker blogs are also huge in Colombia, so seize the opportunity and introduce the advantages of using Skrill to your readers and players. 

As an affiliate, you operate with a unique Skrill referral link. Anyone who signs up using this link will automatically be your referred customer. Skrill affiliates are entitled to a revenue share from every deposit to an online merchant.  

Sign up as a Skrill affiliate

To promote Skrill in Colombia, you can register for free to Paynura. Once you have a Paynura account, you will have access to affiliate programs, such as: 

  • Skrill Affiliate Program
  • Neteller Affiliate Program
  • Binance Affiliate Program
  • 1xBet Affiliate Program
  • PartyPoker Affiliate Program
  • and many more affiliate offers. 

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How much can I earn with the Skrill affiliate program?

There are absolutely no limits to how much you can earn as a Skrill affiliate in Colombia. If you promote Skrill to relevant people, you will have many referred accounts and a solid revenue share. 

When people deposit with a Skrill wallet, revenue share is your share of Skrill's fee a merchant pays for the deposit. 

For example, partypoker accepts Skrill and all deposits are free for partypoker clients. However, partypoker pays a fee to Skrill for facilitating the deposit. Revenue share is calculated from the fee that partypoker pays to Skrill. Skrill shares a great part of the fee with the affiliate, who referred the Skrill user. The revenue share deal is lifetime, so you can earn money as long as the account is active. 

With Paynura, you will be able to track all referrals, their deposits, revenue share, and your end commission. Commission from your Skrill referrals is within your Paynura account, which you can cash out anytime to Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, or USDT account. 

Join Paynura today and start promoting Skrill in Colombia. 


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