PokerBroz's unique service for poker players

We spoke to Vitaly, founder of PokerBroz, about perks of being a poker affiliate and the future of online poker. Don't miss it!

Kat Moon

Kat Moon

Sept. 1, 2020

PokerBroz's unique service for poker players

Vitaly Kardash is the founder of PokerBroz, a poker affiliate website that treats poker players like friends. A team of four former players caters to a huge poker player community with insight and humor. We spoke to him about what it takes to be a leader as a poker affiliate. And also about poker rooms, deposit methods, and what it takes to have a successful team. In the end, we couldn’t resist, so we poped the question about the future of poker.

PokerBroz is one of the leading websites offering insight and information to poker players and poker affiliates. Your communication is straightforward, website design is bold, and you speak the players' language. Not many sites have such an approach.

We would like to think that we are one of the market leaders, but I'm afraid there are bigger companies than us. And that's the point. One day, we decided that we would not turn into a "capitalist corporation", but remain a small family business.

We know and love each player personally and can provide a decent service.

Usually, affiliates start as poker players, was that the case with you as well?

That's 100% right in our case. Each of our team members was a professional player in the past - the game was the primary source of income. Consequently, we understand well what is important to the poker player and what service he needs.

It takes a dream team to manage a site like PokerBroz, one of the most insightful and straightforward poker platforms. How did your team come together?

We have a small team now, only four people, but we are really a dream team. We have excellent efficiency - everyone is responsible for several areas. We even manage to serve players of other affiliates. Our secret is absolute trust within the team, quick responses to the players, and a bit of humor. 

"You are loved, even if you don't know how to play." This is one of the statements on the Vpokere website. How do you support players, especially those who don't get the game's gist yet?

We were lucky to work with guys who already understand poker. Our clients are the so-called regular players.

We respect the players and their time, and as in any family - we ask the same attitude towards us.

We had had cases when we refused players and even partners in the service because they did not respect our principles. We call them mudaki here. This frees up more time for the good fellas.

What kind of support are poker players looking from affiliates?

Expertise and speed are probably the most important thing if you mix it with friendly humor - bingo!

There was time we could not attract players to Chinese apps during the boom. We just didn't understand the product. Later we fixed this mistake when we started working with PPP and Pokerbroz apps. Now, this is one of the main directions.

Right now, you are opening a debate on where to play. Closed rooms vs. giant rooms. What is the verdict?

For MTT players, there are definitely big rooms. For cash players, it depends.

As we can see, good players make money both here and there.

From our perspective, we prefer small rooms because they have not yet become corporations. Giants are cutting deals under various pretexts.

Vitaliy, your business is based on affiliate marketing. As a master affiliate, you and your team support players with information about poker rooms, you offer great poker deals, direct them to the right places. How do you make everything flow?

I'll tell you very straightforward. We all work remotely and meet live only once or twice a year. I'm lucky to work with great people who love what they do. We share a passion for helping others.

If we talk about the management side, everyone on the PokerBroz team knows their area of responsibility. We make regular calls and hold planning meetings. The guys say I'm a bum, and I troll Anton by calling him the old copy of the bald one from Brazzers.

What should poker players know about deposits to poker rooms? Are Skrill and Neteller still the best choice for players?

I would love to say yes. Fees are growing from year to year, and the rooms are shifting fees for deposits to affiliates. And this is all in the time of increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, where there are practically no fees.

Without you guys, Paynura, we would definitely send Paysafe to hell. We have already tried a bunch of partners, and we are happy to work with you. And this is not an advertisement.

No one knows where poker will be next year or five years from now. But we all like to predict. Please, give us your best bet on the future of online poker.

Poker has been around and popular for several centuries, online poker has been popular for many years.

Yes, the game conditions are constantly changing, but this game will always exist because it is incredibly exciting and widely available.

Poker rooms will emerge and close. New scams and new diamonds will appear, and the poker affiliate's task is to constantly be on the wave of changes, offering its player the most interesting and mutually beneficial deals. It's our top priority.


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