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June 1, 2021

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Why are poker affiliates making money with Skrill and NETELLER?

If you are a poker affiliate and don't promote digital wallets yet, you lose a profit!

Why are poker affiliates making money with Skrill and NETELLER?

In general, a poker affiliate's profits come from affiliate commissions they earn by referring poker players to poker sites. But what more can they do to create new revenue streams? The answer is promote digital wallets, like Skrill and NETELLER. 

Here is how and why ewallets like Skrill and NETELLER bring better revenue than promotion of poker rooms. 

Which ewallet is most popular among poker players?

Skrill and Neteller are the most often used digital wallets for online poker playing around the world. They are highly compatible with most poker sites, as they are fast, reliable, and secure. 

Recreational poker players usually use Skrill wallet, while professional poker players are often Neteller account owners. Transactions between players are possible in many different currencies, and most importantly, they are instant. No need to wait few days before you can play with your money!

No matter which poker room players want to play in, you can earn revenue share from deposits with their Skrill or Neteller account.  Besides being a poker affiliate, you can also become a digital wallet affiliate and combine the offers for double commission!

Promote Skrill wallet for poker

If you already have an established poker affiliate website or poker business, you should include Skrill offer in your affiliate portfolio. This way, poker players will be able to create an account through your Skrill affiliate link. You will earn Skrill affiliate commissions even if they play on poker sites that you are not promoting. Every time they make a deposit, you will earn a high revenue share.

If you join the Paynura Skrill affiliate program, they will give you an affiliate manager to help you boost Skrill signups. 


Poker players can upgrade their account to a Skrill or Neteller VIP status. With this move, they enjoy reduced fees and other benefits. And also this way they can spare some money, with which they will certainly rather play poker. By promoting Skrill and Neteller digital wallets as a Paynura affiliate, you can provide poker players with faster account VIP upgrades with lower thresholds. When they create an account through your affiliate link, you will be eligible to offer them VIP status.

It's a win-win situation for the poker player and poker affiliate. 

Pokerstar Fedor Holz about Skrill

Skrill is a very flexible digital wallet when it comes to online poker. And this is crucial when you win millions, as Fedor Holz has. He uses Skrill to transfer money between different poker platforms, which he can do conveniently fast, thanks to the Skrill wallet. Skrill offers safe and secure transactions, much needed in the online poker world. Watch in the following video what Fedor Holz has to say about Skrill. 


Promoting NETELLER to poker players can yield high profits

Skrill and Neteller are very similar digital wallets, but they have some differences. Most professional poker players are using Neteller for their deposits, withdrawals, and sending money P2P when it comes to online poker. Poker players with a regular playing routine often join a Neteller VIP program for reduced fees and others benefits. 

Join Paynura's Neteller affiliate programif you want to upgrade your poker players' Neteller accounts on better conditions, as with the regular Neteller VIP program. This way, you will earn Neteller affiliate commissions by helping poker players to spare money from their transfers. 

Summary of benefits for poker affiliates promoting digital wallets:

  • Creating new revenue streams by adding vertical offers to your affiliate portfolio;
  • There is no need to establish a new online business, as you can promote Skrill and Neteller along with other poker deals you already have
  • Your customers will appreciate the value you have to offer to them by upgrading their Skrill and Neteller accounts on better thresholds;
  • Your affiliate commissions will increase as you will earn by every poker rooms where your referred poker players will deposit with Skrill or a Neteller.


Poker affiliates can create new revenue streams by adding digital wallets to their affiliate portfolio

If you want your affiliate deals to convert more affiliate commissions, you should add multiple affiliate programs to your portfolio. The best way to do that is to join an iGaming affiliate network like Paynura. Your deals will be more flexible with an affiliate network, and your affiliate commissions will convert on better conditions than with individual affiliate programs.

Beside poker affiliate offers, Paynura also has a Skrill and Neteller affiliate program. You can joinwithin 2 minutes and secure lifetime renenue stream from Skrill and NETELLER. 

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