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Dec. 8, 2023

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Novibet Bonus with Skrill Neteller in Brazil

Skrill and NETELLER have launched a Novibet Bonus Promotion in Brazil. Sign up!

Novibet Bonus with Skrill Neteller in Brazil

In the last promotional campaign of 2023, Paysafe targets clients in Brazil to boost Skrill Neteller's reach in Latin America.

Paysafe enters Brazil with Skrill Neteller

Paysafe has been actively promoting Skrilland Neteller e-wallets in Brazilfor the past few years to establish a versatile e-wallet and digital app for convenient payments.

Skrill and Neteller have teamed up with PIX, Brazil's most popular payment method. As of early 2023, users could make free deposits to Skrill and Neteller using PIX.

Novibet has partnered with Skrill and Neteller to support the sports betting community.

The Novibet Skrill NETELLER Bonus Promotion

Novibet offers various betting services, including sports betting on multiple sports events and casino games. With the promotion, Skrill and Neteller clients can double their deposits to Novibet. 

The promotion is valid in Brazil only.

How does it work? It's as straightforward as it gets.

  • Register for the promotion by signing up or logging in to your  Skrillor  Neteller account.
  • Click on the Novibet bonus below.
  • Make your first deposit with the code SKRILLVIP or NTVIP.

When users make their first deposit of $30, they will get $60 in return.

This is a limited-time offer only. 

Don't wait too long; this offer is valid for deposits before 24 January 2024.

The promo gives a 100% bonus to Novibet clients who deposit with Skrill or Neteller to Novibet. 

Paysafe's Last Promotional Campaign of 2023

The Novibet Bonus Campaign is important for Paysafe as they want to give incentives to new clients in Brazil. Betting on sports is popular in Latin America. Therefore, the collaboration with Novibet will definitely yield good results.

This is a fantastic chance for Brazilian affiliates and influencers to boost their revenue. With such a generous bonus, it is safe to assume that it will attract the desired traffic and increase conversions. 

If you are a blogger, tipster, YouTuber, or any content creator in Brazil, sign up for an account with Paynuraand receive your unique affiliate link for the campaign.

Novibet Bonus for Skrill Neteller clients in Brazil 

The Novibet Bonus Promotion is an excellent opportunity for affiliates and influencers in Brazil who are promoting sportsbooks. This promotion can significantly increase your affiliate earnings, so take advantage of it. 

To participate, open a free account with Paynuraand obtain your link for the campaign.

This promotion is part of Paysafe's efforts to expand its reach in Brazil and Latin America. And there will surely be more campaigns to come.

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