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Jan. 9, 2021

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NETELLER withdrawal to Skrill fee for 2021

If you want to withdraw from your NETELLER to a Skrill account, the fee is… read our update!

NETELLER withdrawal to Skrill fee for 2021

Neteller ewallet users received a notification that the fee for making a withdrawal from their NETELLER account to a Skrill account is changing.

As of February 22, 2021, these withdrawal transactions will be charged with a 3.49% fee per transaction.

In this article, you will find an updated list of all NETELLER fees for withdrawing money from your Neteller account.

What are NETELLER withdrawal options?

NETELLER offers several options to withdraw funds. If you have a NETELLER account, you can send money to your bank account, wire funds, make transactions to merchants, such as poker, casino, sportsbook sites, or transfer money to other Skrill or Neteller users.

Depending on the type of transaction, fees might apply and should be considered. Here are withdrawal methods available to NETELLER accounts and the withdrawal fees.

  • Bank transfer 10 USD
  • Member wire 12.75 USD
  • Merchant sites* 0% fee
  • Money transfer 1.45% fee or 0.50 min fee

*Majority of merchants do not charge for deposits to their website. However, there are some exceptions, i.e., Bitpanda, in which the client carries the cost of the transaction and not the merchant.

For withdrawals to Skrill accounts, NETELLER will charge a 3.49% fee per transaction, starting on February 22, 2021. Other costs are not changing at this moment.

How to transfer money for free?

If you need to make a secure, fast, and foremost free transaction to a bank, you can do so with Skrill. Skrill is an ewallet similar to NETELLER. Paysafe owns both ewallet brands, but they differ in fee structure and geographical coverage.

Opening a Skrill ewallet is free, so is Neteller. But for sending money, Skrill might save regular users some money, otherwise spent on fees.

Are you thinking of becoming a Skrill NETELLER affiliate?

Paysafe is rewarding individuals who invest efforts in promoting Skrill and NETELLER to potential customers. For every new account opened via an affiliate link, affiliates earn a revenue share. Revenue share is a percentage on deposits, which is earned for a lifetime.

Paynura offers a great starting point for new affiliates and an excellent platform for all professional affiliates.

Why is Paynura an excellent starting point?

Even if you have no affiliate marketing experience, Paynura is a great starting point for an affiliate. It offers intuitive account navigation, straightforward analytics with your dashboard, and with live chat, your support person is always there. You can start promoting Skrill and Neteller the same day as opening the Paynura account.

Why is Paynura perfect for professional affiliates?

Professional affiliates designed the whole Paynura environment with a vision to make an affiliate program for poker, sportsbook, and casino affiliates that want to promote Skrill and Neteller next to gaming brands. The system analytics are as detailed as possible, updated daily, and as per agreement with Paysafe, Paynura affiliates have a fast track of everything, from updates to question answered.


Neteller is changing fees for money transfers to Skrill accounts. From February 22, 2021, the withdrawal fee from Neteller to Skrill will be 3.45%. The fee structure for Skrill and Neteller is changing often, but we provide news service on those updates. Whenever you are not sure about the current fee structure, just open Paynura News. 

Digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller are getting more popular every day as they offer secure, fast discrete money transfers. As Skrill and Neteller are servicing the gaming communities worldwide, being an affiliate is a lucrative opportunity for webmasters, forum administrators, players, and gaming influencers. Paynura is here to support the gaming affiliate community.

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