Feb. 23, 2021

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Is the iGaming affiliate industry on the rise?

Johannes Larsson, the CEO of Financer.com, predicts a bright future for affiliate marketing, but not without challenges.

Is the iGaming affiliate industry on the rise?

We have seen the rise of affiliate marketing. Now we will see it accelerate even more.

Affiliate marketing will grow tremendously the coming decade.

According to Johannes Larsson this is the decade of affiliate business. "Wider variety of programs, better commission models, more advanced tracking. The whole industry will keep blooming."

On the same note, Lee-Ann Johnstone from Affiliate Insiderpredicts bright times for affiliate marketing. While Larsson helps affiliates choose the right tools and affiliate networks, Johnstone is educating brands on how to set up affiliate programs. In a recent interview for Paynura, she said that affiliates play a pivotal role in helping brands reduce marketing spend and push customer engagement across multiple channels.

What does it take to become a top affiliate?

"However, to become a top affiliate, it will no longer be enough just to create another information portal and focus on link building," says Larsson, a 28-year old entrepreneur from Sweden. He took his first dive into affiliate marketing ten years ago and hadn't stopped exploring it. Now, he is running several online businesses. As he says, it is not enough to post affiliate links, you have to package them into a creative solution.

Affiliate websites are a threat to Google.

"It's not in their best interest to show a list of identical websites with little unique value. To make it in the affiliate game, you'll have to apply out-of-the-box-thinking and create real value for the user."

Larson is not just sharing empty advice for the sake of traffic. He is actually walking the talk.

One of his creative online businesses is Financer.com, which offers a financial comparison across 26 markets, such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, saving accounts, and other financial products. A great tool to find the cheapest loan. And a great idea of how to set up an affiliate business and link it to financial products across so many markets.

You can follow his affiliate journey on his personal blog.

Time and money-saving advice for iGaming affiliates

Since affiliate work will demand more and more investment, you should make the managing of your affiliate links and income as simple as possible. Paynura is a new affiliate network that enables affiliates to manage all promotions from one account. Once you have an account at Paynura, you can claim affiliate offers in various verticals (poker, casino, sportsbook, and ewallets), track your performance on the dashboard and reports, and manage all payments.

Besides, if you want to set up a sub-affiliate system, you can do so immediately, as sub-affiliate links are automatically created under affiliate offers.

Conclusion - Future of affiliate marketing is bright, but work will be hard

Affiliate business is on the rise, but it is also getting more and more complex. Affiliates have to find new ways to package affiliate links, creating online environments that are creative, entertaining, and problem-solving. Preferably in this exact order.

While affiliate networks can take take away part of the daily managent burden - like Paynura for iGaming affiliates- it is still on the shoulders of affiliates to think out of the box when creating content.

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