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May 25, 2021

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How to get ahead of competition as an iGaming affiliate

Choose our affiliate network wisely, so you can make the most out of promoting poker, casino, sportsbook and ewallet brands.

How to get ahead of competition as an iGaming affiliate

If you are promoting iGaming brands,like poker, sportsbook, casino brands, and you don’t want to go to every brand and sign up for an affiliate deal, then you can join an affiliate network. 

Paynura is one of the most innovative iGaming affiliate networks. If you want the whole package for your affiliate business, we have compiled tips and tricks how to make your affiliate journey smoother. 

What is an iGaming affiliate network in the first place?

An iGaming affiliate network can be defined as the connector between iGaming digital content creators and brands they want to promote. The creators often are influencers, gamers, and blog owners. They probably own a website with different casino, poker or sports betting offers.

Affiliate network software usually provides analytics and reporting tools for iGaming affiliates, so you have an overview of your affiliate performance - number of poker players, punters, casino users signed up via your affiliate link, their deposits, revenue share, and your commission. 

By promoting other iGaming company services and products, affiliates earn affiliate commissions. Being an affiliate is one the most lucrative businesses is the iGaming industry, nowadays. This affiliate commissions are starting to add up quickly, especially if you have a good affiliate marketing strategy and reach.

If you want to join iGaming affiliate programs, you have to sign up for every single affiliate program separately. This is why joining an iGaming affiliate network has many advantages. An affiliate network already has the best deals and offers in one place, and requirements usually are not as high as with direct brand’s affiliate programs. 

Start your iGaming business with Paynura affiliate network

Paynura is an iGaming affiliate network that offers the best deals from the iGaming affiliate world. Why the best? The offer is limited to the ones that convert the most. 

With Paynura, you can become an iGaming affiliate in the poker, casino, sports betting or digital wallets like Skrill and NETELLER. Because of the multiple offers, you will be able to create multiple revenue streams. 

You can earn a flat rateper player's signups, or you can get revenue shares. The more people will sign up through your affiliate links, the higher revenue shares you will make. 

You will earn a good percentage from each poker or casino player, or sports betting, as long as you have a strategy and are willing to put some effort into it.

Start or expand your poker affiliate business with Paynura

Paynura offers global poker affiliate deals. You can promote the most popular poker brands such as partypoker, Americas Cardroom, bet365 poker, CORAL, Bwin, and 888poker. 

High revenue shares for your poker affiliate marketing can be arranged, depending on the traffic you bring. 

Over time, you can renegotiate your poker affiliate deal. 

If you set up right, your poker affiliate revenue share business will last for years. It is an excellent long-term strategy, especially for those who are seeking passive income. 

With Paynura state-of-the-art affiliate backend system, you will get poker affiliate solutions to create multiple revenue streams from different poker rooms. Plus, you can invite other affiliates and create a sub-affiliate structure. 

Become a casino affiliate with Paynura

Most of the online gambling sites support casino affiliates as this is one of the most effective marketing efforts. When players click on affiliate links, open a casino account and spend money on the gambling site, casino affiliates earn affiliate commissions. 

You can become a casino affiliate with the Paynura iGaming network. If you own a casino affiliate website, you can monetise it with recognised brands in the online casino world. There are also many casino affiliate websites for sale. 

Paynura keeps adding new offers, and you will only get a selected one. With Paynura, you can promote GUTS, Vegas Plus, and Unique Casino. Revenue shares are higher than anywhere else. 

Besides the casino affiliate list of offers, you can also request to promote Skrill and Neteller digital wallets, as they are the most often deposit methods in online casinos. They are discreet, fast, and reliable eWallets, so online casino players appreciate them. 

Are you a sportsbook affiliate and looking for great deals?

Paynura is a global affiliate network that keeps growing and adding the most wanted offers in the sportsbook affiliate world. 

Currently, you can promote Betfair, Betfair exchange, and GUTS with the Paynura iGaming affiliate network.

Sportsbook affiliate earnings can be high up to 40% rev share. 

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Promote Skrill NETELLER along with other iGaming deals

Adding digital wallets to an affiliate website is wise as you can earn high revenue shares. Players from poker, casino and sportsbook industries use Skrill and Neteller regularly for deposits, withdrawals, and sending money to fellow players. 

This way, you will get affiliate commissions from deposits to other poker rooms, casinos, or betting sites, even though you are not promoting them. It is a fast lane to good iGaming affiliate profits. 

Paynura offers affiliates to join Skrill and Neteller affiliate program and earn revenue shares if they refer a customer. Skrill affiliate earnings can be very high, depending on how many transfers your customers make. Neteller affiliate commissions are also well paid, as many forex traders use them for deposits into trading platforms. 

As an affiliate, you can attrack new sign us with benefits such as: Skrill VIP account, NETELLER VIP account. Paynura can upgrade your referrals instantly, as long as they have a verified Skrill NETELLER account. 

Paynura is an affiliate network for all iGaming verticals!

With Paynura, you can promote poker, casino, sportsbook, and digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller. One of the best things is that you can manage all the data from one account only. Add multiple offers to your affiliate portfolio to generate more profits!

You will have all the insights about the traffic, performance and profits in smart Paynura's affiliate backend system. Paynura also has a 3-tier option so that you can expand your network with sub-affiliates. 

Your commission payouts can be done via Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin account, and also USDT/Tether. 

Joining an affiliate network is always a good idea if you want to manage multiple affiliate deals from one account

Paynurais setting a new standard in affiliate networks with a highly intelligent backend affiliate system. You can get the whole iGaming affiliate package in one place with Paynura. Joining the affiliate network will give you wings to grow your business and create new revenue streams. 

Paynura is a global affiliate network working in the iGaming industries. No matter from which country, you will get dedicated support, payments on request, flexible and very competitive revenue share deals. 

Do not hesitate to contact Paynura's support if you have any questions. Open a free Paynura accounttoday. 

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