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May 13, 2021

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How to use forex signals?

If you are an affiliate or beginning to trade, here is what you need to know about forex signals.

How to use forex signals?

Online trading is an activity that is approached more and more with professionalism thanks to a series of services that help you earn more, one of these is given by forex signals. If you are an affiliate or beginning to trade, here is what you need to know about forex signals.

Online trading is an activity that is approached more and more with professionalism thanks to a series of services that help you earn more, one of these is given by forex signals.

Before seeing how they work, we present a list of the best day trading platform

  • ForexTB (Free Signals)
  • eToro (Ideal Broker for Beginners)
  • Xm broker (Zero spread accounts)


What are Forex signals?

The forex signals are operational advice that are sent by brokers or sold by third parties to be able to identify the market situations in which to make profits. To earn it is essential to manage your capital and risks appropriately. Trading signals can be very useful in this regard but you need to find a reliable service that works. In fact, there are many services, even for a fee, that send forex signals that are completely wrong or that do not work. So let's try to understand more.

Reliable forex signals

If you want to make a certain profit by trading forex it is essential to use services that work, starting from the platform up to the signals.

The signals are built in order to identify trends and potential market situations in which a lot of money can be made. Generally a forex signal is built on the trend of a currency pair and must be evaluated over an average long time span of a few months. There may also be situations where the signals can fail, but this does not mean that they are not reliable.

Free forex signals?

Is it possible to find free signals dedicated to Forex? In general it is very difficult because the professionals charge for their advice and sell the things that really work at a high price. It is also right for a professional to sell their skills and earnings without sharing their discoveries and knowledge for free.

However, especially for those who are at the beginning, it is very important to be able to receive free forex signals that are reliable. Where can you find them? Simply open a trading account with one of the proposed brokers and you will receive free winning trading signals. In this way you can cut costs without spending money on unnecessary subscriptions and have the guarantee of accessing a service that really works.

Paid forex signals

The most popular forex signals on the web are paid forex signals packaged and sold by industry professionals. There are also CFD brokers who offer signals from their managers as an additional service.

However, the fact that a service is paid is not synonymous with reliability.

Very often there are trading signals services for forex and binary options on the net that are paid but do not work at all. This is why it is always advisable to create your trading account and access the signal services that are included.

Real time forex signals

Of course it is always possible to study and make technical analysis using the main indicators to trade currencies. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the real-time forex signals offered by professionals.

Using trading signals in real time offers the advantage of being able to compare the "advice" with what has been studied and with one's own insights and strategies and to save time on technical analysis which still takes many hours a day.

Best Forex Signals

What are the best Forex signals? In general we always recommend using those offered by your broker, however we can give you practical advice to understand how to identify the best forex signals:

  • Check the history of the signals for a period of time of at least 1 year
  • Check the success rate they have
  • Check the signal-related money management strategies
  • Check the risks associated with the signals

This way you can understand if the signals are reliable or not.

Euro - Dollar Forex Signals

Many traders are looking for signals on the most traded forex pair which is definitely given by the Euro Dollar exchange rate. In reality, the technical analysis on this currency pair highlights how it is very difficult to obtain reliable signals on this currency cross as it is altered by the countless news.

This is why many professionals often use fundamental analysis while paying attention to economic news relating to the various countries that make up the European Union and are in the Euro. It is therefore advisable to use the trading signals on the EUR/USD pair only if you already have experience and have developed specific strategies on this exchange.

Manual or automatic forex signals?

We want to make a final consideration on the difference between automatic and manual signals. Automatic signals are typically sent automatically by software and therefore are unreliable and very risky.

Manual forex signals therefore remain the best as those sent by real professionals. It is easy to see why. They are sent by a professional who analyzes the markets at that moment even when sudden news occurs.

They are not linked to automatic robots and therefore it is possible to use or ignore them or use them to compare the forecast with your own strategy. Furthermore, a manual signal can be used with less risk regardless of the strategy you are using and therefore with numerous advantages.



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