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Feb. 23, 2021

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How to make money with poker without playing it?

If you ever wanted to create your own poker business, here are a few ways to monetize your poker expertise.

How to make money with poker without playing it?

Making big money as a poker player is not so easy anymore. You must be willing to work very hard to improve your poker game and get on a high professional level. On the other hand, you might already have some additional skills to make money in poker, and you don't even know it! 

Aside from just playing poker, there are numerous ways to make money in the industry, like promoting poker brands. Let's take a look at different ways to make money in poker from your cozy home chair. 

Getting started with your poker business

Choose your niche. Poker is a broad field, so you should find a niche in which you have the most knowledge. Like poker politics, poker experiences, strategy, gameplay, poker humor, poker news and updates, reviews, hand analysis, commenting on poker tournaments, etc.

Choosing the right poker affiliate programs

Do your research well. Take a look at different poker affiliate programs. Some poker brands already got their affiliate programs, so you must carefully look, which one suits your needs the most. If you want to access various poker brands in just one place, you should check Paynura's poker affiliate programs. You will get access to the best possible poker affiliate deals on the market globally. 

Poker Blog

It's one of the best ways, which also takes some effort to be done. If you want to know how to monetize your poker blog, check our article on how to monetize a poker website. If you have no experience with creating your website, don't worry. Everyone before did the same path as you must. You can look up on Youtube for videos about making your first blog or learn on apps like Udemy is. For the blog, you need a little money in advance to pay for ads, hosting, etc. 

But creating a poker blog isn't the only way to spread your affiliate links out into the digital world.

Create a poker community on on social media

There are almost 4 billion social media users in the world, and that number is only increasing. Advertising on social media is a great way to promote poker brands, as there are many great poker communities, and the opportunities to create new revenue streams are endless. From social media, you can also drive more traffic to your poker affiliate blog - if you have one.

Build an Email List for your Poker Affiliate campaign 

Your affiliate email campaign should be similar to your classic email strategy. With this exception, you get commissions when a reader clicks on affiliate links you put in. When you create an exhaustive list of business contacts, the commissions start to add up.

Put your affiliate tracking links into Twitch Widget Board

To poker streamers on Twitch, the main and essential profit comes from poker affiliate programs. Streamers send their viewers to online poker rooms, and this way, they earn affiliate commissions. The commissions come from the registrations or the percentage of players' expenses. Twitch Widget board provides you to insert the links, and you can add multiple affiliate offers. 

Jaime Staple from PokerStaplesis one of the most recognizable poker streamers on Twitch. He has educational and also entertaining poker streams. And his followings increase continuously!

Let's take a look at his Twitch Widget Board.

Besides links to his social media accounts, he also has affiliate tracking links for Partypoker and Preflop Academy. These affiliate links track every click or registration that his viewers make, and Jaime gets income from those actions. Poker affiliate programs provide commissions from two different models: CPA deals (one-time fee) or revenue shares (lifetime long fee).

Many poker brands are trying to connect with poker streamers on Twitch and even pay them to promote their poker rooms. They also offer huge CPA deals or high deposit bonuses to streamers. You can stream, instead of play, or do both. Just don't forget to insert your affiliate links into Twitch Widget Board.

Produce Poker Videos for YouTube

The possibilities to make poker content on Youtube are endless. You can talk about other poker players, make fun video clips from tournaments, educational videos, poker reviews, etc. Just take a look at the already existing channels, and you will undoubtedly get some great ideas! If you already got a poker Twitch channel, use content from there or remix it. And insert affiliate links into your YouTube Channel. You are ready to start earning money!

Start conversations in Facebook Poker Groups

On Facebook, there are many poker communities, which can also be a great way to promote poker brands. Some Facebook groups don't allow you to promote your content, so read the Facebook groups' rules before posting. You can also make your own Facebook groups and pages, but this will take some time and effort. And don't forget to consider Facebook's Online Gaming and Gambling Advertising Policy! You can get creative when inserting your affiliate links into posts in so many different ways. 

Use Quora to expand your poker business

This platform is high-potential for your poker affiliate business. You can send customers back to your affiliate blog, Twitch, or Youtube channel by answering their questions on the platform. Let them know how much value they can gain from the content you make. Create a question and target specific Quora's users. This way, you will make strong connections and collaborations. If you help your audience with real answers, they will support you in return. Check for different ways how to expand your business with like-minded users. Search through the relevant keywords for answers and questions, and you will find valuable content within your niche. 

But, remember this!

Don't go overboard with the promotional posts. Of course, you want to make sure your followers know about your special offers and all the benefits you have for them. But don't treat your audience generically, as your posts can appear spammy. Think about how you can add value to poker communities on social media. Engage in the conversations and make strong connections in the world of poker.

Paynura offers support to poker affiliates

In Paynura's list of offers, you'll find all major and niche poker brands in one place. What more could a poker affiliate want? Just create your free accountand check the best possible affiliate poker deals on the market. The software is available globally, and what is most important - it's transparent and easy to use! 

As an add-on, you can include Skrill and NETELLER offers to your affiliate portfolio. As you probably know, Skrill and NETELLER are digital wallets often used for deposits into online poker rooms. That way, you won't be earning money just as a poker affiliate but also as an eWallet affiliate.Create tracking links with Paynura and start promoting!

Final thoughts, my fellow affiliates!

To be successful in your affiliate business, you need to know which advertising channels to choose. A more creative business model means more traffic and consequently more income. It will certainly take you some time and effort, but it will be very worthwhile when you start getting your passive income from other poker players. 

Hopefully, I gave you some ideas how to get started as a poker affiliate. Good luck! 

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