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April 15, 2021

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How to choose the right poker affiliate program?

If you are starting or expanding poker affiliate business, joining a poker affiliate network can skyrocket your revenue.

How to choose the right poker affiliate program?

So you want to succeed as a poker affiliate and create solid income? Well, you will have to put some effort into it, as the competition in the poker industry is as fierce as in other iGaming verticals.

Poker affiliates can get high revenue shares, but only if they partner with the right affiliate programs. Since there are so many providers in the market, you will have to choose wisely. And this article can help you with that!

How to sign-up for a poker affiliate program?

For partnering with poker sites as an affiliate, you have to search for the “Affiliate program” button, which can usually be found at the foot of every poker site. The“Affiliates” button will take you to the sign-up form you need to fill with some casual personal data and links to your affiliate website and social accounts. 

The described affiliate joining system is almost the same at every poker site. You can promote almost every brand like bet365 poker, Bwin poker, Coral poker, Americas Cardroom, Betfair poker, 888poker, and other popular poker sites.

But with most brands, the requirement to become their affiliate is to have an active website or even a registered company, so you can sign an official affiliate agreement. In case you do not have that, they will not consider you an affiliate. 

But not all is lost. Affiliate networks have high revenue share deals, which you can access even if you don’t have a website and a legal entity. By joining a pokeraffiliate network, you will have the same benefits as joining a poker brands official affiliate program. 

Where to start as a poker affiliate? 

Look for a poker affiliate network that has a holistic approach. 

Paynura is setting a new standard among poker affiliate networks. Besides several major poker brands, you can also promote casino, sportsbook, and ewallet brands as an affiliate. Paynura will generate your unique affiliate links instantly. 

Since Paynura is an iGaming affiliate network, you can access poker, casino, sportsbook and ewallet brands like Skrill and Neteller.

What are the required conditions for becoming a poker affiliate?

There are two paths to becoming a poker affiliate.

If you have a website and a registered legal entity, you can sign an affiliate agreement directly with a major poker brand. 

If you do not have a company/legal entity, then the best solution is to join a poker affiliate network. Networks have signed contracts with multiple brands, and they can offer you affiliate deals that you cannot reach as an individual. 

You should set up a poker affiliate website or blog or start with your social media accounts before signing up with a poker affiliate program. You can’t partner as an affiliate with most poker sites if you don’t have something to show them up with first. Poker affiliates should build on brand awareness and are most likely business-orientated persons, which also have some ground. And poker brands are keen on that kind of individuals to promote them. 

If you don’t have experience in creating your website, don’t worry. There are many tutorials on the topic, as well as various learning programs. If you want to know,how to monetize a poker websitefind tips and tricks in my previous article. You can get some ideas about the topics on what to write about on your blog.

If you want to join multiple poker affiliate programs, find a network that has a good selection of high revenue share poker deals. Paynura, for example, provides solutions for affiliates in all iGaming verticals. Join an exclusive affiliate network, where you will find all the poker, casino, sportsbook, and ewallet deals in one place by following these simple steps: 

  • Go to the Paynura website and click on the “Sign-up” button in the top right corner 
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Click on the button “Create your account”

Once you have created an affiliate account, you can start your poker affiliate journey. 

From the menu, select “Offers”, and you will see all the affiliate deals you can promote with Paynura. Request your affiliate links with a few clicks, and start advertising your poker business. By joining the Paynura affiliate program, you can also access marketing materials. This can spare you a lot of time, so you don’t have to make your own graphics for your poker blog and social accounts. 

Poker players often use Skrill and Neteller digital wallets to make deposits into online poker rooms. This is the perfect opportunity to promote these two ewallet along with other poker deals in your community. Paynura has been an official Paysafe partner since 2012, therefore, the network has one of the best Skrill NETELLER affiliate programs. 

Make sure you will be treated well by the affiliate support department!

Before joining any individual poker affiliate program, you should write an email to them first. Ask them for higher revenue shares. If not for the better deals, you will be able to see if they have got fast support for their affiliates. This is crucial because you will need to communicate with them a lot in the future, and you want your answers quickly as possible to keep your customers. So make sure your communication with the affiliate department will be smooth. 

Paynura’s support responds within minutes and resolves your request fast as they can, as they cater to all time zones.

They are well aware of the importance of providing fast solutions to affiliates. 

Which affiliate tools are there for you in the package?

This question is essential if you want to have access to your affiliate management system. Make sure that the sites offer high-performance affiliate tools that are easy to use. Affiliates need transparent tracking and reporting, as you want to have insight into referred users, deposits, commissions, and revenues. 

Paynura’s affiliate system provides all of that. If you want to pair offers on your poker affiliate blog, their analytics system is a great way to keep your data all in one place instead of multiple platforms. 

If you have any questions about how to start with their affiliate management system, don’t hesitate. You can reach them outon several channels.

For a smooth ride, join a poker affiliate network 

Promoting poker brands is definitely challenging, but it also has got a lot of opportunities like solid revenue.

If you love poker and seek financial freedom, poker affiliate programs are a great way to get you there. 

While there are very strict conditions to become a poker affiliate with a brand directly, you can easily get poker affiliate links by joining a poker affiliate network. If you are willing to learn new things, upgrade your knowledge and skills, follow the trends, you will succeed in the poker affiliate business. With a good strategy, you can generate high revenue shares within months. Good luck!

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