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Nov. 22, 2019

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How can forex traders benefit from ewallets?

Skrill and Neteller make forex trading swift and profitable for forex traders and mentors.

How can forex traders benefit from ewallets?

Forex traders are extremely specialized influencers and often successful mentors for all the newcomers in forex trading. This article looks into the advantages of dealing with ewallets and opportunities for forex traders to create additional revenue. 

Skrill and Neteller ewallets bring agility to forex trading

If you want to be successful in forex trading, you have to react swiftly. You don't want to spend energy on awkward bank transfers; what you need is to move funds efficiently to forex brokers and platforms. Both a Skrill or a Neteller account will let you deposit and withdraw funds instantly.

Let's take a look at the reasons for using a Skrill account for your forex trading:


With Skrill ewallet, you can deposit fast with low costs with a variety of payment methods.


Ewallets keep your financial details secure and, most of all, private on every deposit at a forex broker.


When you need to make quick payments, your Skrill account can be accessed on mobile, laptop, desktop.


The Skrill VIP program unlocks several advantages such as VIP upgrades, lower or zero transfer fees, free Mastercard, customer support.

What are the benefits of registering to Skrill or Neteller for forex traders?

When new traders sign up on a forex platform or brokerage, the introducing broker or mentor should acquaint them with the advantages of ewallets. Several ewallets dominate the forex market, such as Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and others. Money transfers from ewallets to a merchant (forex broker) are instant, except for deposits from a Bitcoin account, these might take up to 24 hours. All ewallet deposits should be commission-free.

However, if you make a deposit and don't trade, then the broker might deduct a fee when you withdraw funds from his platform. The broker can reserve the right to charge the equivalent amount of any banking fees incurred or up to 5% of the total withdrawal amount after no trading activity.

Beginners in forex trading should be careful when opening an account with a forex broker. Although many advertise low deposits, for example, as little ad 5 EUR, they might charge you for trading account activation or a high initial deposit. Find a transparent deal with a broker without unnecessary charges.

Forex trader mentors can monetize their student's network if they trade from Skrill and Neteller accounts

Traders can offer their students a link to open a Skrill or Neteller account. That is a trader's tracking link, which is generated by an ewallet affiliate program. Several ewallet affiliate programs provide similar services, but you should be focusing on the best possible solution on the market.

For example,the Paynuraaffiliate program will instantly create tracking links so that you can set up your new students immediately. In the following step, you can upgrade their ewallet accounts, so they are trade-ready in a couple of hours. Working with an affiliate program unlocks VIP upgrades and raises the limits for payouts.

If a trader already has an existing network of students and fellow traders, then he can upgrade their accounts. An ewallet affiliate program can register Skrill or Neteller accounts under the trader's affiliate account and instantly upgrade them.

How to introduce new traders to forex

Every forex trader was a newcomer at one point. Those, with a lot of experience, remember how much effort goes into studying the basics of the fx trade, different strategies, and types of trading. A successful trader will find his niche, type of forex trading, and a profit-yielding approach.

The path towards financial success in forex is often not straight and narrow.

Guides for forex trading beginners

Major forex trading platforms are aware that newcomers need step by step guidance into fx trade. Therefore, most of them will provide a beginner's guide with basic forex terms, trading strategies, forex trading tools, and charts explained in detail.

"Can I make a living from forex?" or "Is it possible to be a professional forex trader?" are among the most frequent questions in forex forums. The trading risks are high, but if your students understand the strategies and are thirsty for knowledge, forex can produce reliable financial results for the trader and the broker.

Here are four essential guides that can help your fx clients.

The price action analysis is what every forex beginner needs to understand. It is a simple analysis or rather the ability to read raw price data of a market, based on which a trader makes his decisions. Price data analysis is the beginning of forex trading skills.

The numerous forex trading strategies share the same goal. Minimize the risk and create profits. However, none of the investment strategies can 200 percent guarantee a profit. Forex trading demands skill, persistence, and a rational mind.

What type of forex trader are your clients? Day traders, position traders, scalpers, or swing traders?

A forex economic calendar is every trader's orientation point. The list consists of political events, such as elections, to interest rate decisions, which have the potentials to influence the global financial markets. Forex factory offers a comprehensive forex calendar, which lists several announcements daily. You can also check Trading Economics for their forex calendar, indicator, and forecasts. This is a tool to be considered when trading.


Forex trading is a growing industry that offers a lot of opportunities for financial profits. However, trading is not the only way of creating revenue.

High-level traders that offer strategy advice, forex signals, personal training to their clients, can also leverage on the ewallet payment system embedded in forex trading.

Every time a trader's student deposits at a trading platform, this generates a revenue share for the trader.

Out-of-the-box thinking is nothing new for skilled forex traders, some of the leading ones even co-developed new affiliate platforms that can serve the forex community. The Paynura affiliate program for ewallets is currently setting a new standard for affiliate management systems and a solid opportunity for forex traders.

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