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Sept. 7, 2021

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Direct access to NETELLER Affiliate Program

If you want to make money by promoting NETELLER, here is all you need to know about the NETELLER affiliate program, NETELLER affiliate deals, and NETELLER affiliate set up.

Direct access to NETELLER Affiliate Program

NETELLER is servicing the whole iGaming sector from poker, online casino, sports betting, forex trading, and crypto. Is there an alternative to Neteller? Paysafe has two equally versatile ewallets, Skrill and NETELLER, with similar features, so poker and casino players, sports betting fans, betting agents and tipsters, and traders can choose between those two ewallets. 

NETELLER digital wallet - features overview

With NETELLER, customers can send and receive money, buy and sell crypto, and even pay at the local store or online with the NETELLER Net+ prepaid MasterCard. 

Here are the top reasons why players, traders, and gamblers choose NETELLER for online deposits. 

#1 NETELLER money transfers 

With a NETELLER account,clients can send money to any bank account in the world or to fellow players and gamblers. NETELLER offers low currency exchange rates, especially for clients with NETELLER VIP account. 

#2 NETELLER crypto service

Cryptocurrencies are making their way into everyday payments and are already widely accepted in sports betting, poker, gaming, and trading. 

Clients can invest in 37 cryptocurrencies with NETELLER and access market data, sentiment, and price charts. Buying and selling crypto with fiat balance is instant with NETELLER, but you can also set up conditional or recurring purchases of your favorite coins. 

Want to send Bitcoin from your Neteller account? No problem, here is how it's done. 

#3 NETELLER deposits for gaming and forex trading

Deposits with a bank account can expose your identity and link your bank account with forex trading, sports betting, and poker room activities. If you want to keep your bank account free from your other activities, you should use the NETELLER ewallet. 

Deposits with Neteller and withdrawals from online merchants to Neteller are instant - no more waiting for your winnings. 

#4 NETELLER prepaid MasterCard 

With Neteller, clients can easily withdraw their balance at any ATM or cashpoint accepting MasterCard. Apply for a Net+ MasterCard and have access to your funds all the time and worldwide. 

#5 NETELLER VIP program

There is a NETELLER VIPprogram for all players and traders who use NETELLER accounts for deposits to online platforms. 

NETELLER VIP status will lower your transaction fees on money transfers and NETELLER crypto service. In addition, you'll have higher limits on daily and monthly transactions. 

How to earn money with NETELLER? 

Promoting NETELLER can create solid revenue if you are in sports betting, casino, poker, or forex trading. 

When your referrals deposit to online merchants, you will be entitled to a commission. If you are working with several clients, this can bring you a substantial revenue stream from Neteller. 

NETELLER Affiliate Program 

Here is all you need to know about the NETELLER affiliate program,from how to jump in affiliate business to how to cash out. 

#1 Where can I sign up as a NETELLER affiliate? 

If you want to promote NETELLER, you need to register as a NETELLER affiliate. Here is your direct link to a NETELLER affiliate program. 


Once you have registered, request a NETELLER tracking link - your unique affiliate link to share with potential new NETELLER clients. 


#2 Do I need a website for promoting NETELLER? 

No, you don't need a website to promote NETELLER. We will issue your affiliate link even if you don't plan to promote it on a website. Most traders and betting agents promote Neteller via their private communication channels, and we acknowledge that fact. 

#3 How much can I earn with the NETELLER affiliate program?

With Paynura, there are no limits to your affiliate earnings.

If you have a successful marketing strategy for NETELLER, then only the sky's the limit. 

#4 What is the Revenue Share on NETELLER? 

When people make deposits from their NETELLER account, revenue share is your share of NETELLER's fee a merchant pays for the deposit. 

For example, Partypoker accepts NETELLER, and all deposits to Partypoker are free for poker players. However, Partypoker has to pay a fee to NETELLER for facilitating the deposit. Revenue share is calculated from the fee that Partypoker pays to NETELLER.

#5 How is NETELLER Revenue Share calculated? 

For example, a 20% net revenue is calculated from NETELLER's fee a merchant pays for a deposit from a NETELLER wallet. Usually, this percentage is between 2.5% and 5% of the deposit. 

#6 If my NETELLER user deposits 2000 EUR to a sportsbook site, what is my revenue share? 

If your NETELLER tagged account deposits 2,000 EUR to a sportsbook or any other online merchant with a 5% deal with NETELLER, then NETELLER gets 100 EUR in net revenue. NETELLER shares 20% of 100 EUR, so your commission will be 20 EUR.

If you have ten users like that, then your commission amounts to 200 EUR. 

#7 Where can I get insight into NETELLER referral's activity?

In your affiliate account, you will find detailed and transparent analytics, including reports on: 

  • number of NETELLER tagged/referred accounts
  • users NETELLER ID
  • deposits for every NETELLER account
  • revenue share from every deposit per NETELLER user
  • breakdown of your NETELLER commission 

Paynura's affiliate system is entirely transparent, so you have detailed insight into your earnings. 

#8 Can I get a NETELLER VIP upgrade as a NETELLER affiliate?

Every affiliate promoting NETELLER can get a VIP upgrade. We also offer the possibility to upgrade your referrals to NETELLER VIP. 

#9 Can I have more than one NETELLER tracking link?

Sure! If you want to have two or three affiliate links to separate your campaigns, we can facilitate more Neteller trackers for you. 

#10 How do I receive a NETELLER commission as an affiliate?

Paynura pays out your commission to your Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, or even USDT account- when cashing out, select where you want your affiliate earnings transferred. 

Are you interested in becoming a NETELLER affiliate? 

Set up your affiliate journey with Paynuraand promote all the brands you want from one account: Skrill, Neteller to sportsbook, forex, poker affiliate offers. All in one place. 

Open your Paynura account today!

We support Skrill NETELLER affiliates seven days a week and offer comprehensive affiliate management tools free of charge. 

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