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Jan. 9, 2021

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Can you make money as a gaming affiliate?

Absolutely, and here is how to set up a thriving affiliate business if you are a gamer.

Can you make money as a gaming affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is the most successful marketing strategy by which brands reward individuals that promote their products and bring new customers. In gaming, affiliate marketing is advantageous. 

But as with any rewarding business, the competition is fierce. Your investment of time, dedication, and creativity are vital to success. 

In this article, we go over the basic principles of affiliate marketing in gaming, prospective channels, and list the top 30 gaming affiliate programs. 

Three things you need to clear before embarking on an affiliate journey

What is affiliate marketing in the first place? Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product via a customized link. When users click on that link and make a purchase or register at a platform, you get a percentage of that conversion. Basically, you make money from recommendations that resulted in a purchase. 

Walk the talk 

If you want to make it as an affiliate marketer, you should be enthusiastic about the products you promote. So enthusiastic that you use them yourself. Wheater you are promoting gaming setups, games, apparel, just walk the talk. It will sell better. 

Genuinity as a marketing strategy

Staying true to yourself is the best marketing strategy you can ever have. Enthusiastic about the game? Share the story on your channel, articulate your honest opinion, structure your thoughts, and just be a genuine influencer. 

Strategy before improvisation 

Of course, as in any other business, there are moments of pure luck, but being a gaming affiliate will need a strategy. To attract and convert players, you need a full business set up. 

  • Choose a seller and get signed up. Registering for an affiliate program or affiliate network is usually very straightforward. Just go to the website of your favorite gaming product and look for an affiliate program section. 
  • Once you have an account, create an affiliate link that is specific to you. Every affiliate link is unique so that the seller recognizes where the traffic is coming from and can reward you with a commission. 
  • Once you are past the basics, define your quarterly and yearly goals regarding the number of tagged users and revenue. If the goal is in front of you, it will be easier to chase it. 
  • If you want to make a salary with affiliate marketing, take it like any other job. Create a feasible working schedule and develop a daily routine. Step by step, you get closer to your gaming affiliate goals. 
  • In marketing, having the right channels and content is everything. Content is king, but you also need a strong channel to reach your target audience. 
  • Because you are dealing with finance, you need reliable accounting as well. Make sure you understand the analytics from your affiliate programs and affiliate terminology. 


Affiliate marketing in gaming is a lucrative business. Every gamer would like to see five-digit income, but this will require administration, accounting, and probably an array of outsourced services. Rarely, an affiliate can succeed without teamwork. Build a team with specialists in email marketing, design, programming, and similar. 

Which channels to conquer first? 

The answer is simple. Start with the one that you feel most comfortable with. Twitch, Youtube, Blogs, Instagram can all take you to affiliate heaven, so don’t waste time with channels where you don’t feel at ease. 

Twitch for streamers

If you like to stream and explain your game strategy, tips, and tricks, join the happy bunch at Twitch. You can apply for a Twitch partnership and earn money from advertising and subscriptions. If you are not a partner, you can encourage your viewers to donate. Besides, you can run your affiliate links on your channel too. 

Youtube for gamers

If you prefer vlogging to streaming, reviewing to playing, or educating to showcasing, then Youtube might be a better option for you. Create your unique voice on Youtube, be passionate about what you preach, add your personality to the mix, and you are on an excellent path to attract subscribers on Youtube. 

Place your affiliate link in the description of your gaming video content, and don’t forget to add subtle calls to action. Here is an excellent tutorial for new gaming Youtubers by Player2: How to Start Making Affiliate Revenue as a Gaming Youtuber.

Gaming blogs for writers  

For gamers that prefer writing, gaming blogs are still going strong. Chose your content wisely, do keyword research, and produce a substantial gaming legacy by writing. A good idea recently shared by Neil Patel, marketing guru, is to post your content on Medium, where you can get paid for your writing and create backlinks to your original blog. 

Personal Social Media Channels for boosting distribution 

Should you use your personal social media to boost your business? Yes, absolutely. Your friends and family already know what your passion is, so spread that passion around. Use your inner circle to be your best advocate and marketing tool. 

People closest to you will probably like and comment on your social posts the most, even if they cannot relate to your gaming enthusiasm. If you have a gamer’s soul, don’t get slowed down by other people’s opinions. 

Everyone has his journey and yours is gaming. Period. Make the most of it!

30 Gaming Affiliate Programs 

Here are some suggestions for gaming affiliate programs (merchandise, games, hardware, payments) to help you get started. 

  • Razer Affiliate Program 
  • Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program 
  • Final Mouse Affiliate Program
  • Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program 
  • Bose Affiliate Program 
  • Into the AM Affiliate Program 
  • WarGamig Affiliate Program 
  • Secret Lab Affiliate Program 
  • Logitech Affiliate Program 
  • Twitch Affiliate Program 
  • Neteller Affiliate Program 
  • Nerd or Die Affiliate Program 
  • Gamestop Affiliate Program 
  • Skrill Affiliate Program 
  • GameFly Affiliate Program 
  • Microsoft Affiliate Program
  • CDKeys Affiliate Program 
  • Esports Affiliate Program
  • Kinguin Affiliate Program 
  • Leprestore Affiliate Program 
  • Astro Gaming Affiliate Program 
  • Green Man Affiliate Program 
  • Turtle Beach Affiliate Program 
  • Geek Buying Affiliate Program 
  • SCDKey Affiliate Program 
  • Origin PC Affiliate Program 
  • Fanatical Affiliate Program 
  • WorldWinner Affiliate Program 
  • Nvidia Affiliate Program 
  • Jinx Affiliate 


Level One Completed! What to do next? 

As gaming and payments are strongly interconnected, gaming affiliates can also promote payment options. For example, on platforms where ewallets are an option for topping gaming accounts, players prefer ewallets to regular bank transfers or payments with a credit card. 

Skrill and NETELLER are often the most popular digital wallets for deposits, as they enable swift and discreet payments and have an option to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency. 

Promoting Skrill and Neteller will create an extra income stream for affiliates, as they will get a revenue share on every deposit their clients make during the lifetime of using the ewallet account.

If you want to promote Skrill and Neteller, you will get the highest deal from Paynura, a gaming affiliate network and one of the leading affiliate platforms in functionality, design and customer support. 


Being an affiliate is a journey. If you love your gaming, can’t live without it, are experienced and knowledgable, then turn your hobby into a profession with affiliate marketing. The opportunities are endless, as well as the affiliate marketing models. Choose the one that is right for you and turn prospects into commission payments. 



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