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Aug. 18, 2023

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Update: Bet365 Chooses Not to Accept Indian Players

Bet365 recently announced its decision not to accept Indian players, but keeps the existing accounts active

Update: Bet365 Chooses Not to Accept Indian Players

In a surprising move that raised eyebrows in the Indian betting community, Bet365 recently announced its decision not to accept Indian players. This decision, communicated through a comment on their official bet365 Twitteraccount, has led to speculation and discussions about this move's motives and potential consequences. 

In this article, we will delve into the possible reasons behind Bet365's choice, analyze the business implications of this decision, and discuss options for punters and sportsbook affiliates in India. 

Understanding the Bet365 Limitations in India

Bet365, one of the world's leading online sports betting platforms, has built a reputation for offering a wide range of betting markets, competitive odds, and innovative features. Its decision to exclude Indian players appears to be rooted in several factors. 

Regulatory Complexity

The Indian gambling market is notoriously complex and constantly evolving. Each state in India has the authority to regulate gambling activities independently, leading to a fragmented legal landscape. 

Return on Investment 

Managing a user base as vast and diverse as India's requires significant resources; thus, it may have been an ROI-based decision.  

Anti-Money Laundering Concerns 

Stringent AML regulations demand that gambling platforms implement rigorous measures to prevent money laundering and fraud. India's diverse and often opaque financial ecosystem could present challenges in effectively meeting these requirements.

However, the decision was not announced in advance in a statement or direct notice to users but rather as a response to a Twitter comment. 

What about Indian players got some mail regarding there's no access to Indian players from today ?? @prudhvimi

To which bet365 official Twitteraccount responded:

Hi, we can confirm that unfortunately we are no longer accepting new customer's who reside in India. This is a business decision. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused. @bet365

Since August 17, 2023, it has been official (via Twitter comment of bet365) that residents of India cannot open new bet365 accounts. 

Bet365 blocks new accounts, but what about the existing ones?

Bet365's choice not to accept new Indian players carries short-term and long-term implications. It creates a void in the market and potentially paves the way for other international and domestic operators to capture the unmet demand by Bet365.

However, punters in India are currently wondering what will happen with the existing bet365 accounts. 

Please be advised that any existing accounts do remain open. If any changes are made, this would be communicated. @bet365

For now, the existing accounts in India remain open without further restrictions, and deposits with Skrill and Neteller, and other ewallets are still enabled. 

Options for Bet365 Affiliates in India

Sportsbook affiliates who promote bet365 in India will have to diversify their strategies. For now, the existing affiliates will still create revenue from existing old accounts, and there will probably be more traffic on old accounts. However, a healthy affiliate strategy is to turn to bet365 competitors, like 1xbet, Leovegas, RoyalPanda, betway, and others. Rival betting platforms that do accept Indian players may gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Bet365's absence to attract new users, especially in the upcoming months. 

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The Future of Bet365 in India 

A complex interplay of regulatory, operational, and strategic considerations undoubtedly influences Bet365's decision to exclude Indian players from its platform. While it might be disappointing for Indian players who are fans of the platform, this opens the door for bet365 competitors. 

Beyond doubt, affiliates in India are resourceful to stir traffic to more embracing and lucrative waters, especially when partnering with an affiliate network with a global reach.  

As the betting landscape in India continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how other players in the industry respond and adapt to the opportunities presented by this decision.



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