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Jan. 15, 2022

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Why should affiliates promote Skrill and Neteller in Nigeria?

Dive into the huge potential of Skrill and Neteller in Nigeria and earn money as an affiliate.

Why should affiliates promote Skrill and Neteller in Nigeria?

Affiliate opportunities in Nigeria are plentiful, but Skrill and Neteller are on top of the list for Nigerian affiliates. Betting on sports and poker is mainly popular in Nigeria, a country with a long gaming tradition and passion for football. Nigerian affiliates can support Nigerian punter and poker players by providing insight into poker, sportsbook, and online payments. 

The gaming industry in Nigeria 

Nigeria's large and youthful population is fueling the rise of the gaming industry. Expansion of gaming that was not possible a decade ago is now skyrocketing due to improving internet penetration and the increasing access to smart mobile devices. 

Sports betting is a lucrative segment, leveraging Nigeria's huge football culture. English Premier League, and the Spanish La Liga, have millions of fans in Nigeria. 

Betting provides Nigerians the opportunity to earn from what they love.

PwC report 

How can affiliates make money from online payments?

One of the biggest challenges in Nigeria is how to fund a gaming account. While bank transfers are too slow to support the gaming dynamics, players have to explore other options to bet on sports or secure a place at an exciting poker table. 

PayPal is present in Nigeria, but it does not allow receiving funds, which can also slow down the payout of winnings. In gaming, clients want to be flexible in sending and receiving funds. Numerous complaints about the limitations of PayPal speak against one of the most known ewallets worldwide. 

Luckily, there is an alternative! Skrill and Neteller are designed to support sending and receiving money, support gambling and gaming merchants. They are battle-tested for payments to online bookies, poker rooms, casinos, and gaming in general. 

Gaming Affiliates in Nigeria 

Gaming affiliates in Nigeria are first and foremost solution providers for punters and players, leading clients to the best bookies and poker rooms and advising on handling payments and payouts. 

The affiliate's primary role in Nigeria is to give best practice examples, provide tutorials, and give solutions. And this is also what the most successful gaming affiliates do. Among best practices for Nigeria are Youtube tutorials: 

Promote Skrill Nigeria, promote Neteller Nigeria!

Nigerian affiliates have plentiful possibilities in affiliate marketing. Their success depends on the product's usefulness, and Skrill Neteller is a hands-on solution for gaming fans in Nigeria. 

Thus, Nigerian affiliates can earn substantial amounts by promoting ewallets. 

How to start as an affiliate for Skrill and Neteller? Open a Paynura account and start promoting Skrill and Neteller!

  • Request Skrill affiliate offer
  • Request Neteller affiliate offer
  • Share your Skrill affiliate and Neteller affiliate deal
  • Invite players and punters to join Skrill and Neteller
  • Give your referred clients tips on how to bet on sports or which poker rooms are fun playing 
  • Watch your passive income grow in your Paynura affiliate account
  • Manage all promotions from Paynura, including your commission payments

As a Skrill affiliate or Neteller affiliate, you get a unique affiliate link, so you can invite people to open a Skrill or Neteller account. With every deposit they make to an online merchant, you earn a revenue share.

Extra Bonus: Access to Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria 

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and other cryptocurrencies is with Skrill and Neteller. When using Skrill app in Nigeria, you will see TRADE icon. Click on the icon and discover the crypto trading platform within your Skrill or Neteller account. 

For Skrill customers in Nigeria, buying and selling crypto is free until february 8, 2022. That's rigth! Skrill is not charging buying and selling fees on crypto transactions in Nigeria. So, if you want to dive into to the world of crypto, now is the time to open a Skrill account and make your first investment. 


Skrill and Neteller are the best alternatives to PayPal in Nigeria

Can gamblers use PayPal in Nigeria? Not exactly. In Nigeria, PayPal supports sending money to friends and family, but PayPal users in Nigeria cannot receive funds. PayPal's service is expensive for sending money, has slow verification, and is limited to 20 currencies. 

PayPal is renowned but not necessarily the best service provider for online payments and money transfers.

Skrill and Neteller are established trustworthy digital wallets that offer: 

  • free international money transfers
  • swift domestic money transfers
  • receiving money on Skrill and Neteller is free 
  • accepted with most gambling and online betting providers
  • enable withdrawals from gambling and betting account
  • buying/selling cryptocurrencies (for free in Nigeria until February 8, 2022)
  • sending Bitcoin and Ethereum to other Skrill Neteller account
  • Sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to external crypto addresses
  • ATM withdrawals with Skrill Mastercard and Net+ MasterCard
  • secure online payments at merchants


Skrill and Neteller are accepted with bet365 in Nigeria 

Sportsbook and poker platforms accept Neteller and Skrill in Nigeria. The most popular bookie in the world bet365 allows deposits and withdrawals to both ewallets in Nigeria. 

Earn money with Skrill and Neteller 

With Paynura, there are no limits to your earnings. If you have a base of players and punters, you can earn substantially. Paynura affiliates can manage all promotions from one account. 

And start earning affiliate commission from Skrill, Neteller, bet365 poker, partypoker, GUTS poker, Bwin, 1xBet, and many other brands. 

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