MuchBetter Affiliate Program 

MuchBetter Affiliate Program is tailored for gaming, casino, poker, and sports betting professionals that promote ewallets in their communities.

If you are a blogger or player specialized in affiliate marketing, gaming influencer, perhaps with a Youtube channel or gaming forum administrator, you can earn affiliate commission by promoting MuchBetter. 

Attract new customers to open MuchBetter accounts and create a solid income from every referral.

Here is everything you need to know about the MuchBetter ewallet and the MuchBetter affiliate program by Paynura. 

MuchBetter Verification 

For the verification process, the MuchBetter app will access your mobile camera to capture documents and for face verification. The app captures the front and back of your ID automatically.  Account verification takes 2 minutes.

Without a verified account, transactions are limited to 40 EUR/GBP per day or to 140 EUR/GBP per 365 days. After authenticating account data, the limits will be automatically lifted. 

VIDEO TUTORIAL How to verify a MuchBetter account?

Once your MuchBetter account authentication is completed, you will be able to use all the features of your account, including making a deposit to gaming merchants, money transactions, and online payment. Having a verified account is a precondition for a free MuchBetter card (available only in the EEA).

MuchBetter Fees and Limits

With MuchBetter you can transfer money to friends, family, and other players. Person to person money transfers are completely free of charge. For transfers from one currency account to another, an FX fee of 0,99% applies.

If you top-up a MuchBetter account from your bank account, no fee will be charged. Similarly, for deposits with credit cards to the MuchBetter app, transaction costs and fees are generally waived.  

The payment app also enables payment requests from others, for example, if you want to transfer funds from a gaming account at a poker site or another online merchant to a MuchBetter account. The online merchant is charged a fee based on the player's monthly activities, but not the player. 

MuchBetter Support 

In comparison to other online payment providers, MuchBetter has a reliable customer support service. A compendium of frequently asked questions is available on the MuchBetter official website. For issues that are beyond typical FAQs, the MuchBetter provides a response within one hour over email.

Paynura has a partnership contract with MuchBetter and offers direct support to gaming and ewallet affiliates. You can contact Paynura support regarding MuchBetter payment app and MuchBetter affiliate program and resolve your issues, queries, or explore opportunities directly with our affiliate managers. 

MuchBetter Mastercard 

In partnership with Mastercard, MuchBetter offers a MuchBetter debit card and wearable devices with payment technology, such as MuchBetter watch. MuchBetter payment gadgets are innovative, consumer-friendly, and a couple of steps ahead of the competition. Make smooth contact-free payments wherever you go. 

Limits for MuchBetter ATM cash withdrawals are 20,000 EUR/GBP and up to 90,000 EUR/GBP for POS transactions per year. 

The MuchBetter Card is currently only available for MuchBetter accounts in the European Economic Area. 

MuchBetter Affiliate Program

MuchBetter is an ewallet with a global reach. MuchBetter services are available in 185 countries and territories, which makes it a universal payment app. With more than 550-partnered gaming brands, the possibilities for promotion and conversion are endless.

MuchBetter has partnered with leading gaming sites for poker, sportsbook, casino offers and bonuses so that gaming customers are inclined to use MuchBetter rather than competitive ewallets. In poker, casino, and sports betting, this is a solid reason to use MuchBetter, and affiliates have an excellent product for affiliate marketing.
For every referred MuchBetter account, affiliates earn a commission. The revenue share commission is life-time for all accounts created through an affiliate link.

MuchBetter commission is calculated on your client’s monthly net sum of deposits and withdrawals. MuchBetter has a unique commission formula, which is very lucrative for affiliates. If a referral makes one or several deposits to a gaming mechant and withdraws funds, the affiliate is entiled to a revenue share for the net montlhy deposits (deposits - payouts).  

How Paynura compliments MuchBetter Affiliate Program

Paynura is a specialized affiliate network for ewallets in gaming and trading. The developers have perfected the affiliate software to a new standard in ewallet affiliate programs.

Poker, casino and sports betting affiliates are using Paynura for an optimal affiliate customer experince, dedicated service, transparent tracking system, and exclusive offers.

Compared to MUCHBETTER Affiliate Program, Paynura offers professional support and a smart managing platform. The Paynura affiliate program sets the new standard in affiliate software with excellent tracking, reporting, and user-friendly experience. Paynura combines a sharp intuitive platform with exclusive offers and higher commission payments for promoting MuchBetter.

Paynura Affiliate Partnership Benefits

MuchBetter Affiliate Program is a fresh offer in affiliate marketing and thus an excellent opportunity for gaming affiliates. Paynura partnered with MuchBetter for an early bird special marketing promotion, from which affiliates can benefit substantially:

Exclusive revenue share deals

MucBetter unique net-deposit pricing model is making MuchBtter the fastest-growing ewallet. MuchBetter offers a 15% revenue share, Paynura adds percentages on top so that affiliates can grow their business and earn higher commission payments.

Free MuchBetter Card

MuchBetter debit MasterCard is a smooth way to spend money locally or online, whereever MasterCard is accepted. The MuchBetter Mastercard is limited to the EEA. 

Reliable commissions payments

When your referrals (accounts openened via your affiliate link) deposit with MuchBetter payment app, you are entitled to a commission. Track your MuchBetter commission in your Paynura account and request for a commission payout whenever you want. Our commission payments are always on time to your MuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller wallet, or Bitcoin account.

Affiliate Management System

Paynura has a clean and intuitive affiliate interface, which enables detailed performance tracking and tailored reports. In the Paynura account, all your data is managed from one place. Get your daily briefing from your affiliate account dashboard. 

Experienced support

Our experts are always here for you whether you need technical support or insight about gaming, poker, sports betting, trading, payment methods, fees or general about digital wallets. We are here for you 24/7 on live chat, Skype, email, or Telegram.

How do I become a Paynura affiliate?

You can become a Paynura affiliate by signing up. Your personal affiliate manager will process your request and set up an account for you.

Affiliate support

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